About Us

“It’s all craft,” as we say here at of Love & Regret. At this American Gastro Pub, the world influences our food, beer, cocktails & wine. Owned and operated by local Baltimoreians, of Love & Regret is no average local restaurant. Our passion for uniqueness and quality sets us apart. We are the art of life, love, food, drink, & service.


Our Story

of Love & Regret is the culmination of our life long love & passion for food, drinks, & service that has created this unique exchange in brewers hill. Our world travels, experiences with love and hardship, our obsessions with libations and ingredients, and will to make a difference have laid the brick walls here at of Love & Regret.

Established in 2012, of Love & Regret came to life as the original taproom for stillwater artisanal ales. Our name comes from the stillwater beer, of Love & Regret, which is a beautiful brew with lavender, chamomile, heather, & dandelions.

Co-owners leigh philipkosky & ellie skinner have been friends for years, an have created a force in their business partnership. Anyone will tell you, “they balance each other out perfectly.” leigh is the founding partner at of Love & Regret. Her righteous creativity and passion for people has built the flourishing foundation that is oLaR.  ellie comes from a long history of leading restaurant operations, community activism, bartending and is empowered to create a restaurant that positively influences the community.

Together, we work to provide food & beverage experiences that are outside of the mainstream in the hopes of expanding people’s pallets and perspectives. 


Sometimes, we need to get together for more than dinner & drinks. Join the of Love & Regret family in anyone of our efforts to create a world that is kind & inclusive.

Media Madness

We are a team of entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and cocktail connoisseurs. Here is what the world is saying:

#1 Drag Brunch in the U.S by Nasty Galaxy!

PodOps Podcast live interview:
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A beautifully set dining table at oLaR, featuring elegant tableware, ambient lighting, and stylish décor, ready for a private dining event.

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Experience private dining like never before. Enjoy exquisite cuisine, personalized service, and a cozy atmosphere perfect for any celebration.